Parent Workshops

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Nurtured Heart Approach™ Classes
(Time: Five 2-hour classes)
Strategies to create change by providing a balance of positive interations with firm limit-setting

Behavior 101
(Time: 2 hours)
Overview of basic behavioral principles such as using reinforcement and punishment, determining why your child demonstrates the behavior (the function of the behavior), how to select a replacement behavior, the importance of consistency, and setting realistic goals for your child’s behavior.

Behavior ABC's
(Time: 2 hours)
Provide information regarding how antecedents, behavior, and punishment are interrelated; how to use the ABC relationship to effect behavioral change; and effective interventions to use at each part of the relationship.

Autism 101
(Time: 2 hours)
Provide basic, honest information about autism, some of the challenges these children face, and the delights they often are.

Autism in the Home
(Time: 2 hours)
Students with autism process information differently, causing differences in communication skills, their reactions to sensory input, their social perceptions, and their unique view of the world – all which translate into behavioral challenges at home and in the community. Learn practical strategies that will help your child with autism be more successful in the world in which we live.

Using Informational Stories
(Time: 2 hours)
Provide information regarding what informational stories are, how they work, how to write them, and how to use them. Time will be given for participants to write an informational story to ensure they understand the concepts and to have a finished product they can use the moment they get home.

For Use With: Students who have limited understanding of behavioral expectations in various social situations (i.e., students with Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Mild Mental Retardation, etc.) Effective strategy for students who are nonverbal as well as hyper-verbal; low cognitive functioning as well as gifted intellectually; ages 3-22.

Goal-Setting Basics
(Time: 2 hours)
Provide rationale for setting long-term and short-term goals for your children; how to use these goals to guide your parenting efforts; how to identify and analyze the skills your child will need to reach those goals; how to prioritize the skills your child needs; and how to teach the skills.

Rasing Children to Meet Your Expectations
(Time: 2 hours)
Learn how to identify your expectations for your child, how to teach your child those expectations, and how to use positive and corrective feedback with your child to ensure the new behaviors are learned and demonstrated.

Mission Possible: Raising Competent, Responsible Adults
(Time: 2 hours)
Explains how your goals effect your parenting decisions, the importance of a solid positive relationship between parent and child, the importance of being consistent, understanding motivation concepts, and practical ways to improve your child’s self-management skills (executive functioning skills).