Parent Consultations

We provide private behavioral consultation for families who need specific strategies tailored to the needs of their child and their family. The goal of the consultation is to teach you how to more effectively manage your child’s behaviors at home and in the community.

A typical consultation would include an interview with the caregivers (and the child depending on the child’s age). In-home observations are sometimes used as well to get a better idea of home environment. After the relevant information has been established, Behavior Plus, Inc. will work with all caregivers to develop a practical behavior plan targeted at the unwanted behaviors. Often it is necessary to provide caregiver training to better teach basic behavioral principles and motivational strategies. This training can be done privately, or in one of the workshops Behavior Plus, Inc. presents for parents. Please check our website for the next available workshop.

Parent Consultations in Schools

Behavior Plus, Inc. also provides behavioral consultation for the staff of your child’s school if your child has been a member of one of the social behavior groups, or if your family has had private behavioral consultations.The goal of the consultation is to (1) inform school staff of the strategies being used with your child at home or in group and (2) to foster a cooperative relationship between home, school, and the professionals at Behavior Plus, Inc. This provides consistency across settings for your child, which greatly increases the acquisition rate of new skills.

A typical consultation would include your child’s main teacher, perhaps the administrator if discipline is an issue, and any other staff members working closely with your child in the area of concern. This consultation usually is an informal meeting that is not taped. The staff should be informed well in advance that a consultant will be attending, and it is helpful, if at all possible, for the person providing the consultation to be able to speak to the school administrator by phone a few days before the meeting.

(Your written permission if your child is a minor, or your adult child's written permission, will be required before Behavior Plus, Inc. can speak to anyone about your child.)